Monday, September 20, 2010

Jet lag

Every 5 minutes I changed the position. I moved my body from the left side to the right side. Then I thought to be on the back is perhaps the best position. To be in savasana should help. But to find sleep seemed to be impossible the last night in Portugal. I had a vodka-caipphi-fruit cocktail before going to bed in one of the restaurants there. But this mixture didn't help either. I was sleepless, pretending to sleep. Then I heard the room neighbours fucking. The man seemed to enjoy what happened, he was moaning. I looked at my watch: 1:30am. I listened but soon the session was over: a quickie after midnight. Nothing that made me jealous. Then I heard the man talking for a minute or so, he seemed to be the expressive one. Silence again. I was still not sleeping. Finally the alarm clock told me to get up, it was 4:30am. I was relieved. Later in the plane I slept. "Look", E woke me up, "there is Bearitz (France), we'll go there one day." "I come with you", I told him and slept again.

Yesterday we were at the Greek restaurant in the evening. I had a retsina and 2 ouzos to my artichokes and salad. This should help me to sleep. At 9:15pm I was in bed and I slept. At 1am I woke up. "Impossible", I thought. I counted. Twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, eight I was not yet tired in Brazil. It was impossible to sleep again. I stayed in bed, pretending to sleep. At 6am the alarm clock told me to get up. I had found some sleep by then. I switched  off the alarm clock, I was tired, now I was tired!!!! I counted: five, four, three, two, one. Yep usually I was in deep sleep in Brazil at that time. I slept another 3 hours.
It need a week usually to adjust to a new time zone. It's only 5 hours, but 5 hours are 5 hours.

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