Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jet lag blues again

I feel much better today. I must have slept, this is for sure. At 7am I woke up and I got up. I woke up without alarm clock, but I felt tired. The eyes are open and want to be closed and that at the same time. This jet lag feeling is no more that awful. I was even able to do some chores already. First I cut the dead flowers on my balcony. The freshness opened my eyes. Later I cleaned the dishes, I put our dirty clothes in the washing machine. Slowly I unpack my suitcase. I will nap 1 hour or so very soon. Afterwards I'll practice. I am not yet ready  to step on my mat. It will be second series today, an early afternoon practice. Who cares.

PS: Jet lag and the time one has to spend in planes and at airports are part of travelling. When I go through my pictures and when I remember how it was when I sat in one of the restaurants at the beach, sipping fresh fruit juices, watching people, I know to travel the world is always worth the effort.

Picture is taken in Lisbon, Portugal.

Yesterday evening I read in the book my Gregor Maehle. It's worth to have it. It's so good that I will even quote from this book in one of my next posts. Thank you for buying it via my blog.

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