Monday, September 20, 2010

It was horrible

I wondered what did not hurt today. I knew why I postponed my practice to the afternoon. 3 days I was without a yoga practice. But that it can that bad astonished even me:
- the joints were rusty,
- the muscles felt poisoned,
- the second toe is still swollen,
- my left knee hurt
- and my upper right leg, where the harmstrings meet the buttocks tortured me each time I stretched the right leg. This was the worst.

Only the mind was strong, so incredible strong. Despite the pain and it was no more discomfort, I practiced. With care of course I did one asana after the other. It's true that I practiced with care, but I can stand pain, too. I didn't omit a single asana, I even did full vinyasa. It's simply better, also psychologically. To start again and again from samasthithi is like having again and again a new chance for a wonderful asana.
Afterwards I took a shower, first I showered with warm water then with cold water, as usual. Wow was I glad when everything was over. I looked into the mirror: fantastic, I thought. I look relaxed.

The therapy:
- No caipphis anymore, also not those with fruits. A tiny woman like me does not need vodka (nor red wine).
- Back to a strict vegan diet, this is the best for the animals and myself (the animal U).
- As usual I will get up early. To practice shall be one of the first activities in the morning (not the afternoon).

Will I be able to practice second series tomorrow? It's either primary or second.

Damned I must buy some food for E and me. My suitcase is not yet unpacked. Clothes are still dirty. Nothing is done so far............

Self-discipline in 10 days:

This book is good. I have it, too. Thank you for buying your amazon products via my blog.

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