Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I practice sloooooowwwwllllllyyyyyyyy

Today I practiced again on the terrace. It's so beautiful there, because the fresh wind dries my sweat while I practice. It's warm here, the ideal weather so to say. Second series is a challenge. I practice slowly to make it easier. So many asanas are in the first stadium, they are performed very modestly: kapotasana, parighasana, karandavasana. I shoo away frustrating thoughts.

The remedy for frustrating thoughts: Simply doing what is possible and not to think too much. When the edges are felt the work is done. Sometimes I am strong and I am able to hold the pose longer and longer and I am able to go deeper into the pose with deep breathing. Sometimes I feel as if I have to go on as soon as possible. The tolerance to stand discomfort is sometimes high sometimes low.

Very good is that I do not take any breaks. I go from asana to asana, mainly I do full vinyasa. E sits next to me, he is studying his books on mathematics. This helps. Company helps to have focus.

A remark on drishtis: I took a picture of myself doing upward facing dog. I realized that I still look upwards when I do this pose. But the dristhi is the third eye or the nose, never upwards. Looking at the third eye the front remains relaxed. I saw that I frowned the front. The dristhi for upward facing dog is so important as this pose is performed so often. This shall be my focus tomorrow when I practice primary. Where to look will be the question when I do the asanas. The dristhis are subtle, but they have the power to change an asana for the better.

Are the dristhis important to you when you practice?
Feel free to comment.

I set the timer for 3 minutes when I did sirsasana, headstand. I will prolong this to 4 min tomorrow.
I set the timer for 10 min for meditation at the end. I also was in savasana for 10 min.
I feel refreshed, ready for the beach.......hahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

For me, the drishti is very important. If my eyes are too wide open I do not feel peaceful. I like to look at a drishti point with my eyes half closed - it softens things and nothing feels harsh - I am more relaxed and open to the intense stretching of Ashtanga.

yogajunkie said...

This is a nice post. I enjoy exploring my own practice and my teacher last week was focussing on time and how we can slow down time with our yoga practice... moving slooooooowwwwwlllyyyyy.... it made class last an eternity!

On Drishti..... I find my drishti is only immensely important in balance postures such as crescent warrior or tree.... otherwise my eyes are mostly closed.

katuksa said...

Hi! I've read some of your articles and found them extremely interesting! You seem to be a pro! I also run a blog about yoga, but i'm a beginner in it. I've been doing yoga for like a month with an aim to cure my back. Hope you will find some of my articles interesting as well ;)

Ursula said...

This is surely a great tip: to keep the eyes relaxed, half-closed. Thank you Debb.

It's also my experience that drishtis are very helpful when practicing balancing poses. I only close my eyes when I do meditation.

Dear Katuksa, I wish you much fun on your yoga journey. Keep up your blog. It helped me enormously to establish a daily practice and to improve my yoga. Have fun.

Ursula said...

Hi Katuksa,
I just realized that it is not possible to comment on your blog. Perhaps you like to change this.

All the best for your back. Have some patience, but yoga can surely heal you.

rhh said...

<< E sits next to me, he is studying his books on mathematics. >>

Ursula -- a serious question. What are the math books that E is reading?

Ralph from DeKalb

denise said...

hi, I'm practicing asthanga for some months now, and for me it still a little difficult to do drishti, specially the one looking at the nose point. this is normal? thank you for all your very inspiring post ursula!

katuksa said...

Dear Ursula,

Thank you a lot for your reply and advice. I'll do my best! Yoga is a wonderful thing, indeed!
Btw, can you post a comment on my blog now? I checked the settings and everything was ok.

Ursula said...

For Denise:
Simply keep in mind that there is something like a gazing point. It's simply too much to focus on everything in the beginning. When it is time for it you will remember and then it will help you. Be patient. I practice now 7 years and now the dristhis come into my mind. First it is the performance of the asans that is important. Dristhis are the subtle part of the practice.

Ursula said...

Dear Katuksa,
Enjoy yoga, it's a wonderful invention. .....