Saturday, September 04, 2010

I don't settle for less....

It has to be full vinyasa when I practice first Ashtanga series. It feels so much better.

- Only when I do kurmasana, I go directly to supta kurmasana. Today I did some additional asanas like leg behind the head to improve this pose.
- And when I practice garbha pindasana I go directly to kukkutasana without starting from samastithi again.

The weather here is perfect. It is warm, not too hot and there is a fresh breeze. The body is bendy due to the heat, but I do not sweat that much. Today I practiced on the terrace. It's a tiny cute hotel with not so many guests. I disturb nobody and the other way round. In addition the Brazilians are very friendly people.

Ah, it's fantastic, even back bending felt good today.
Time to go to the beach,.........

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Erich Schiffmann "Moving into stillness:

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Quentin said...

Ashtanga Yoga full vinyasas? I assume doing the Primary Series includes SS-A, SS-B, Fundamental Standing Poses, Primary, and Finishing Poses.

Do you do vinyasas after each standing pose, and each finishing pose. I do not believe David Williams nor David Swenson have mentioned this as learned by them from Sri P. Jois? Is this something Manju or Sharath or Saraswati added later, or was it added by P Jois? And do you include Chakraasana in your vinyasas?

What is a full vinyasa? is it a SS, or the jump back and jump thru?