Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am not a sannyasin.....

I am not a sannyasin. Ah, this is a new word. I am not someone who likes to do "spiritual" practices all day long. Sometimes it might seem  as if I've nothing else to do. It's 4:30 pm and I stepped out of my hot bath after an excellent Ashtanga practice, second series today. This was my preparation for the Mysore class tomorrow morning. Summer break is over. We can bend forward, backwards, sidwards again in a group.  I know the others will  give me energy. My focus was good today, but it will be better tomorrow. So is it with the flow.

My practice was excellent. It was also demanding. In comparison to primary the second series requires much more from everything. Practice and all is coming, practice and all is coming I think again and again. I know that thinking can be supportive or limiting. Shall my thoughts support my activities on the mat.

I wanted to write about jumping back, it's coming.......I'm not a sannyasin. Other things have to be done, too.

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Matthew Sweeney:

This book is always handy here. Four series are shown in pictures. This is fantastic.


Simplicity said...

I have to thank you for your lovely blog!

I've been reading about your adventures in your blog for about two weeks now, while staying home with my children who both have had colds. This week it's my turn to stay in bed (or in the sofa) with hot tea and aspirin...

Sannyasin was a new word for me.
As with everything else, it is good to have balance even with such things as spiritual or health matters. It's all about balance in life. Not too much or too less, according to your needs.

Once again, thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts whith us. Its really brave! I have enjoyed the reading very much! I have learned so much about yoga during the time. Reading, and then testing your advices in my own yoga practice.

It will probably last another week until I can practise whith my yoga friends now and I'm longing for it...

Somewhere in the middle of Sweden

Marina J said...
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