Friday, September 24, 2010

I almost fell off my chair

Yesterday I almost fell off my chair. What is that, I wondered? I had 1713 page views on only one day and more than 746 unique visitors. This is more than double as much as usual. Most visitors came from this page. Thank you, thank you to that person who linked me. So it can go.

One year is over already since I was in India. I'd like to be in Mumbai to meet all the other friends who meet to think about Ramesh Balsekar who passed away a year ago. But I cannot be at 2 places at the same time. Not yet. Advanced yoginis can do this, but I guess I need still some more years of practice to be able to do this. This year I'll be at my mother's birthday. And I'm looking forward to this event, too.

Asthanga yoga: Yeah, I practiced yesterday, primary. It's getting better again. Only my right leg drives me crazy. It's still overstretched and hurts when I stretch. Grghhhh. This might be the reason, why I'll practice without the CD of Sharath in the middle part. Friday is usual the day of the led class.
My focus was jumping through lately. Forward jumping and backward jumping is done with 2 breaths: Inhaling, pause, exhaling. The pause is important, too. This could be a topic on its own.

Time to step on my mat.

Picture: It's a restaurant in Portugal, Lisbon.

Ramesh Balsekar:

I highly recommend this book. "Enlightenment" not excluded.


Arturo said...

dear Ursula
congratulations on your popularity. haha. i received today some offer from one of the groups where i'm listed, which i think you're also listed, to see if i wanted to participate in an experiment of theirs to take the blog to a new dimension. it involves a lot of advertising in the blog and you write, they organize and publish. i don't think i'm a fit, since i just have a sleepy personal blog about my life and documenting my particular interests. they're probably making the rounds of offers to everyone.
i recently get about 75 hits daily. i used to get 150 daily when i lived in San Francisco, and my life was not half as interesting, so go figure what interests people. i view this as a mode of expression, of mind dumping, creativity, community building, sharing knowledge and such.


Ursula said...

Dear Arturo,
Yeah, thank you and haha as well. I think I was contacted from this group already. I was asked to write a post here and then that I do not publish on my blog. I love to write, so why not. Since I take part in that affiliate program from amazon I also want more readers.
Before I wanted to make money with my blog I only focused on myself. Now I wonder what my readers want to read. My posts nowadays take much more time. I hope that my writing becomes better when I also consider my reader much more than I did so far. Focus is Asthanga yoga. Sometimes I want to write more about my life, but I think who is interested in it. However.
I love that you are a long-term Ashtanga practitioner and long-term blogger. Most give up one or the other often both. My blog supports my yoga. For sure. I go on with both.
Much fun to you.
Feel hugged, Ursula