Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How taking pictures help me

This is a lousy uttana padasana.
I am glad that I took a picture of it. It felt so correctly when I did it. Sometimes a pose feels totally differently as it looks like.

The legs are supposed to be in a 45° ankle to the floor. Then the pose becomes a bit more demanding for the legs, but this is doable for me, absolutely. When the legs are in that ankle the crown of the head is on the floor. That's how this asana is supposed to be.

Taking pictures help me to correct these little mistakes that happen because poses can become sloppy over time without realizing it. Feed back by a teacher is excellent. Not always this is available and we cannot expect everything from a teacher. My pictures help me to spot out these "mistakes" that I can correct easily and they show me the points I can work on.

The arms are parallel to the feet.

Drishti is the nose in that pose. It's not necessary to frown the front. Pretending as if this pose is relaxing, makes it relaxing.

Try it with a camera: Hand and head positions i.e. can be corrected easily. So it is with the drishti, the gazing point. Over time progress can be seen, that's very motivating.

The small ones have usually 10 sec when you use the self-timer. Some offer to make little films.
The big ones have usually 20 sec.
It's advisable to check these details.


Anonymous said...

I've started to do this too! Such a great idea :)

Ursula said...

I'm glad that you see it the same way.

My pictures helped me soooo much.

Have fun and enjoy the journey. If you post your picture on a blog and if you label them, you can see your development over the years.