Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How can a human being be so stiff???

How can a human being be so stiff??? I practiced second series. After each asana I wanted to stop. I didn't. OK, pashasana was possible, I am rather thin for the time being. I could also take my leg behind my head. At least something. Sigh. All the back bending asanas get worse every day. This IS so sad.
More is not to say, probably it was good that I practiced.

Time to have breakfast.

Picture: This famous statue of Rio can be seen on the hill.

Thank you for following this blog. Posts are a bit lousy, I must live a bit more.....:) Time to write is limited.

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Ashtanga yoga:


Donna said...

I am so jealous that you are in Rio - lived in Brazil as a teens. Thanks for posting photos and sharing your experiences. I completely understand the desire to quit and yet you keep going. Your determination will refine the mind and bring the body to bliss. Thanks for sharing.

Ursula said...

I know that it is important to go on, somehow. Then the practice becomes also a practice for the mind: to be focused is practiced, to get back to the breath again and again and stopping inner discussions. This is not always easy.

Rio is great. Downtown is totally different like the other areas we have seen so far. We love to be here. Perhaps you can come back for some time.