Friday, September 03, 2010

First Ashtanga practice in Natal

My yoga place is perfect here. I have room enough. I can keep the door open which is ideal, because then a fresh breeze comes in from time to time when I practice. It is warm and dry here, 27° Celsius, but there is always this fresh breeze.

It was excellent to move the body again after a day in the plane where moving is not possible at all. My body was surprisingly bendy, ah what a diva is my body.
I am also sure that J, our friend will manage to get me a coffee in the morning.

The Brazilians are very friendly people, they do not know the word impatience, so it seems.
We are happy to be here.

So time to explore where we are.......:)

PS: It would be good if we spoke Portuguese. English is not so wide-spread.

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