Friday, September 03, 2010

Dinner at the beach and my vegan passport

We were out at night yesterday to have dinner. I write "night" because it was already dark, but it was about 6 pm. It's early for dinner here, our German friend told us. Hungry as we were we headed to the beach so early where a lot of restaurants are. We needed something for our stomachs. Somthing is good....

It's warm here at night, wind is blowing. The waves of the Atlantic are rather high. At the beach youngsters are playing beach volley ball or soccer till late at night. We could admire beautiful well-exercised bodies. The beach is in walking distance, it takes us 10 min to get there.

I have my vegan passport with me. Page 50 is Portugese. In friendy words can be read that I love animals. There is a list what I do not eat and a list what I do eat. Usually when I show my vegan passport people smile. So it was here. The cooks prepared me something delicious: a huge salad, potatoes and vegetables. Where there is a will. there is a way.
As everywhere at the coasts restaurants offer all sorts of fish, and E enjoyed his huge salmon.

We do not speak Portugese, so our communication possibilities are limited. Nevertheless I must say we meet only very friendly and nice people. It's pure joy to be here.......:)

You want a vegan passport, too. Get one for yourself, it's availabe at amazon.

Vegan passport:

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