Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's a view to the right when walking down the Copacabana. The Copacabana beach is something special because usually when looking at the sea, the sea disappears into the sky, the horizon. When looking at the sea, mountains can be seen here in Brazil at the Copacabana.

And suddenly I had shit on my foot. I looked upwards but there was no tree and I couldn't see a bird either. I asked E to stop so that I could clean my shoe and my foot. I had tissues in my bag. As soon as I had taken off my sandal, a man had taken it away to clean it. We followed him. Then he asked me to put my foot on a little wood step, what I did. He had a wet grey towel which was more than disgusting and cleaned my foot and my shoe with it, first the foot. E gave him money but this was not enough for the business man. He wanted 25. Now I knew from where the shit came. Not from a bird, there were no birds, but whoever managed it to throw this stuff on my foot, he/she could aim very well. We only had 15 or 50 Lira. Of course this shoe and foot cleaner had no change. He wanted more and more money. Yeah and now I know how it can happen that you lose your money and clothes at the Copacabana. Finally he got change. We gave him 25. Several times money changed hands. We finally were all very angry (not really), but we all played our roles very well. After this discussion we took a taxi to the hotel  and here we are again. Oh yes, the Copacabana is a nice place. So many beautiful bodies can be admired there. This is true. Tanned, strong, slim bodies are there, shown around by people who obviously love their bodies.
These stories are part of travelling. Nothing really awful happened and tomorrow morning we'll leave this wonderful city. Rio is worth to go. I regret that we only had 2 days here, so it is.

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