Thursday, September 09, 2010

Beach life in Brazil (part 9)

Drinks at the beach: Today I had caiphifrutta. Caiphis come with almost everything. Wow was there much alcohol in it. I loved it, but one was enough.

We are glad that we are in the hotel room now. We have the door open and we can listen to the rain that drops on the plants. It's a heavy rain. It makes atmosphere. It's a bit fresher now, but still very warm. Ah, the sound of the rain..........


Yep, I take it as a food supplement. It cannot be wrong.


Tracy said...

you mean you take the magnesium instead of a meal? Or with a meal..?? Do tell!!

Ursula said...

Laughing, hahahaha, instead of a starter I take the magnesium, sometimtes, hahahaha.

I admit, I am not so unhappy that the food is not so good for me here(too much meat and too much fish), so it's easy not to eat so much.

Ursula said...

I just remembered, that it is forbidden to drink alcohol on American beaches. Here it is not forbidden. Hahahaha.