Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back bending, a challenge

Only the first time it hurts. I speak about asanas. My experience is that each time when I repeat an asana it's a tiny bit easier and I can go deeper into that pose. Discomfort is fading.
Many of my back bending asanas need additional attention to grow and to flourish. I have plenty of time, the weather is best, I consider to do all the back bending asanas twice today.

But first I wanted to have an overview what this would mean. How many back bending asanas do I practice in the first series and in the second series?

First Asthanga series:
1. urdhva mukha svanasana or upward facing dog
2. setu bandhasana (this is probably a back bending asana, too.)
3. urdhva dhanurasana (to stand up from this position is still a challenge, give me another year....)That's it.

Second Ashtanga series has some more back bending asanas:

4. shalabasana A and B (it builds strength)
5. bhekasana (sometimes it's doable that the finger tips touch the floor, but it's more important to open the chest.)
6. dhanurasana (knees are supposed to be together.....)
7. parsva dhanurasana (knees are supposed to be together...)
8. ushtrasana (a great pose, it looks beautiful when I do it. hahahaha)
9. laghu vajrasana (I'm still not able to come up.)
10. kapotasana (OMG, let's change the topic. Minimum another year is needed, minimum, probably 3 years. Sigh.)
11. supta vajrasana (Yes, I mean, see picture, it's done with another yogi/yogini as support usually.)
12. going from handstand to urdhva dhanurasana and up to a standing position (I love to do it with support. To do it alone is scary, I am not yet so far that I want to try it alone.)

The closing sequence has matsyasana and uttana padasana as back bending asanas.

Ahhhh, only 12 challenges.
It's good to have an overview. Somehow I needed this. Yes let's double it today. I want to practice the back bending asanas twice today to speed up improvements.

Practice and all is coming shall be my mantra, practice and all is coming........

How do you improve your back bending asanas?

Picture: supta vajrasana. The fence and the strap help to perform this pose.



Bettina said...

Primary has two more (slight) backbends: Virabadhrasana A and Purvottanasana.
As I only practice Primary, backbends are not my focus, but if I have enough time I do some hangbacks from standing position after Urdhva Danurasana as a preparation for dropbacks. I have the feeling that this opens the chest quite nicely.

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,
I had these 2 poses in mind, too. I wondered is purvottanasana really back bending, only because the head goes back? For me it was more a strength building asana. With virabadhrasana I had similar issues. I thought it's more a hip opening and strength building asana. But I don't know.

I prepare urdhva dhanurasana, too. Hangbacks come later. I do a modest bridge, feet and neck are on the floor while the back is arched. Often I support this with my hands that I put under my back. Deep breathing helps.

Happy practices to you.