Thursday, September 09, 2010

On food in Brazil

I woke up early again. I was the first who appeared in the breakfast room. I got my coffee.
Food is surely an interesting topic. The first day I was looking for jam/marmalade on the breakfast buffet, but I couldn't find it. Our friend J told us that Brazilians don't eat it for breakfast. They prefer eggs, cheese, fruit. Also in the supermarkets is not such a choice on jams like in Germany or other Western countries.
Fruit is super good here: ripe, juicy.
Juices are also so delicious and yeah cheap in comparison to other food. A mango juice  costs 1,50 Euro!!!
Wines are not drinkable, except you like vinegar. Perhaps if I ordered a bottle from Chile or Argentina that would be better, but it is expensive and too much. I also don't need it.
All the cocktails are good and affordable, too: Cuba libre costs 3,50 Euro, and there is a lot of rum in it, wow.

The bread is white bread. In restaurants the salads come without bread.

All sorts of fish (salmon, lobster and and and) is available and E likes it very much.
Rice and fries are offered aside and vegetables.
As desserts I've seen crepes banana. Mousse passion fruit is a typical dessert. Ice cream is offered as well.

Our friend told us that there is not one Brazilian cuisine, but many regional ones. In the South i.e. food is rather hot.
There are international restaurants here, too: Italians!!!! Mexicans i.e.

Some waiters speak English, some not. Here in Natal it would be good to speak Portuguese. But somehow communication is also possible without speaking the same language.

Brazilian vegetarian:


denise said...

hi ursula, in the south of brasil where I came from we love and eat a lot of jam. people do also jam at home (my mother use to do when I was a child since we had also a lot of fruit trees), it makes part of our german tradition. germans arrive in the south of brasil in 1824!
brasil is nice for this, every region has it's own food tradition, for example, same fruits or dishes from the nord or nordest you even don't find in the south. enjoy the beautiful place where you are and thank you for your daily inspiration.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much for your addtitional information. :)

For sure, we see only a tiny piece of this beautiful country.