Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There are:
1. balancing asanas
2. forward bending asanas
3. back bending asanas
4. twists
5. inversions
6. others (because some asanas I cannot categorize)

The distinction is not difficult or easy.
Nevertheless in sum I had a difficult practice. The right leg is still overstretched. It heals only slowly, very slowly. This is all part of it.

A hot tip here: Asthanga yoga requires a daily practice. 3 days off is too much. To practice daily, at least some sun salutation, helps to keep the body soft and strong.
Today it was easier to practice than yesterday, but still very exhausting.
The body felt stiff.
My arms got weak.
The weather in Brazil was better, here it is already cold, this is not so supportive either. I don't want to complain.
I had started with the CD by Sharath. This is helpful as it does not allow much thinking. I did each and every asana.
Time to go out. The sun is shining.


Ann said...

You're so right about practicing everyday or so. I certainly feel it if I miss even a few days... weakness in my arms, tightness in my shoulders. Ugh!

Thanks for the tips!

Ursula said...

You are welcome. I am glad when my tips help.

Great practices for you.

ionut said...

i like this picture ...... it's so so YOU .....

Ursula said...

Yeah, this is true, that's me.