Thursday, September 02, 2010

Arrived in Natal

The picture shows the city Recife. There is one high rise after the other along the coast. We had a stop at Recife on our way to Natal, flight guests left the plane, others entered the plane. 

Three things are important to have:
1. Coffee in the morning, this is the very first thing I like to have. I am sure that I get one here.
2. I have room for my yoga mat, even though the place is not the most beautiful one. To travel means to be flexible.
3.And I have free wifi.

Everything else (new smells and new sounds, other light i.e.) is not so important.I get used to it. I am flexible.

I don't think that I will practice today. No, this won't happen, I am lazy. A good red and some food this evening, this would be great, and tomorrow I'll practice primary in the morning. Yep.

A book recommendation: Ashtanga yoga as it is by Matthew Sweeney. It's a classic. Thank you for buying your amazon procucts via my blog.

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Shakti yoga studio said...

Yeah, practice when you feel it from your heart, I see your point. Nice pictures!have nice time there!
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a friend from Greece!