Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another warm day invites me to practice

The weather is reliable here. It's warm and windy. As J told us it is so 12 months a year. What a fantastic place to be. I want to practice, even though it's Saturday. The weather is one of the components that has influence on the flexibility. I already had a day off this week, when we were in the plane the entire day. I'm looking forward to primary.

Before I left Munich I read in the book "Moving into stillness" by Erich Schiffmann. One of the chapters on edges were rather interesting. He wrote that there are many steps till the limit. First one feels that the body is stretched. One can go further, further and further. Till the first pain is felt  is a long way to go. Pain can be good pain and it can be too much, if it hurts it's too much. The edges move while practicing and while being in poses. This is surely true. Yoga shall feel good, then it is likely that the yogini will go on. To experience the edges consciously is a good exercise. How far is too far? When does stretching begin? How does it differ from day to day?
Practicing the first series it is possible to practice flexible. In the second series it seems to be more difficult: either the leg is behind the head, or it is not. There is no "stretching a bit". This is also one reason why second series is so challenging.

Erich Schiffmans book is a resource of wisdom. It's not Ashtanga yoga what he is doing. It doesn't matter. I like especially his approach to yoga: It must feel good. There is good pain and bad pain, surely. Erich is also an example that one hasn't to be super slim to be super flexible.

Erich Schiffmann:

If you want to have a collection of good yoga books, this one must be part of it.
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