Monday, August 02, 2010

Why am I so flexible?

"Why am I so flexible", I wondered this morning when I practiced second series at home. Then I realized that it was already afternoon. The later I start practicing the more flexible is my body. I had switched on the CD by Sharath to practice till the end of the standing sequence with it. It was a great beginning. Later I dawdled a bit. That's really the next focus. The mind needs attention. To practice alone without breaks is concentration. It's obviously easier to be distracted than to have focus.

Kapotasana: How shall I improve this asana  without adjustments? I don't know. I looked in the book by Swenson to see what he recommends. But I know all the preparation asanas already. "I will focus on urdhva dhanurasana", I thought and that's what I did at the end. It's also back bending and this pose is more familiar to me.
Karandavasana: This is the next pose where I get always adjustments. My attempts alone:
1. Today I tried to get from headstand to pincha mayurasana.
2. Then I did a fake karandavasana: I was in headstand, hands formed with the head a triangle. I went up, folded legs into padmasana, went down and up. This is also a balancing exercise. There is a lot I can do and a lot to improve also when I practice alone.

Parighasana seems difficult for me, very difficult. I will exercise side split. Ah always these plans.....

So done. I am happy, it was good. Tomorrow the same game only a bit earlier......hopefully.

Picture: Herzogstand, the restaurant (Almhütte).

David Swenson:


bindifry said...

i like david but his book has a lot of problems which is why it was never approved by guruji.

kapo-i put a small towel under my feet. i can reach the towel & pull my hands in to the feet. works for me. i enjoy kapotasana.

karandavasana is something of a cosmic joke to me. i'm not even interested in ever doing it.

Ursula said...

Interesting re kapotasana.

Karandavasana, a cosmic joke, I agree....hahahahaha.