Friday, August 27, 2010

Urdhva kukkutasana A

Urdhva kukkutasana - a view in the future:
The balancing poses become more and more demanding with each series. I had to try urdhva kukkutasana, a pose from the third series. Third series will happen in this life time, perhaps not each and every asana, but man of them. Not in the next year, but it can be that in the middle of 2012 the first asana of third series will fly to me. Hahahahaha.

The video:
I realized that it helps to balance when I press the hands in the floor. The fingers have enormous power to balance. It is also helpful to press the elbows towards each other. When the technique is correct, less strength is needed usually, but a bit of strength is needed in the arms for this pose. Bandhas are very helpful to balance and to get up again.

Back to this Friday:
I will do primary with the CD by Sharath, the entire thing. It builds strength. I need strength.

You want to see how the other asanas of the third series look like? Even the asanas of the 4th series you can seen in the book by Matthew Sweeney:

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Grimmly said...

Nice job Ursula : )

Ursula said...

Thanks grimmly...:) smiling, ah, balancing, my arms become stronger, my breath deeper....

Chio said...

My 8 years son: It seems easy!
My answer: Just try...
Really nice, you made it seem easier.

Ursula said...

Thank you. This makes me smile. If it looks easy, I practiced well. It's my highest aim to make it look easy and elegantly.