Thursday, August 19, 2010


This morning I watched a video that a friend had uploaded on her blog. It showed Sri K. Patthabi Jois giving a led class to four men. It was part of third series. The speed astonished me again. Speed is programme.

Speed, yes, why so fast? Because it does not allow thinking. Focusing on the breath is all what is possible.  Focusing on what is here and now is the intention and not where to have lunch later or how to make money online.
I also read in the book about Guruji that yogis/yoginis  often have fears practicing certain asanas. Not to give time for thinking makes yoginis often practicing asanas they wouldn't be able to do if they were thinking before doing it. To go from handstand into urdhva dhanurasana is i.e. such a pose. When I did it the first time my teacher M didn't tell me what we were doing. Suddenly I was in urdhva dhanurasana. Wow, was I shocked afterwards, but the looping was done already.

This morning I switched on the CD by Sharath. I didn't switch it off after the standing sequence. Crazy me. I had so to say a sweaty led class. Speedy it was, sweaty it was, super it was. Not much thinking happened, not even blog titles came up. I moved, I practiced, I breathed deeply, that was it.

There are a few real challenges when I do primary. I need too much time to get into marichysana C and D. The same is the case for supta kurmasana.

I know some readers have an interest in this topic too: my weight. 2 kilos too much for the time being. 2 kilos less would make this practice, even primary so much easier. Perhaps then I would be able to go into the above asana (marichysana A) within one exhaling. Because of my weight I wear dark yoga clothes. This makes me look slimmer. (Just a joke!!!!) I feel fantastic, but Ashtanga yoga requires a certain commitment to the life style: Early to bed, early up, healthy food.

Afterwards I took a hot bath. I am so into bathing lately. It relaxed all my muscles.


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bindithug said...

speed is good but not every day. i often like it slow. i definitely teach slow.

Ursula said...

It's the same with me. I also can be focused when I practice much slower.

To change the speed from practice to practice makes the practice also interesting. U

Melita said...

and besides, if you didn't have speed, you'd never get thru the series :) great post! hugs!!

Ursula said...

Hi Melissa,
That's so true, too.
Only the middle part has 20 asanas plus the surya namaskaras plus the standing sequence plus the closing sequence. And time is limited. Yeah this can also be a reason to practice a bit faster.


bindithug said...

gotta get on with that life

DayDreamer said...

I sometimes find myself frustrated when the speed is more than I can keep up with, while breathing, while keeping the form of the pose..

I've been working hard on my breath and connecting them with my practice.. so my practice is a bit slower than the average.

I found your blog by chance..inspiring chance!


Ursula said...

@bindithug: laughing, yeah this is what will happen.....:)

@DayDreamer: Thank you and yes, I am a daydreamer,too. It's all a process, frustration is surely also part of it. I observe these sorts of feelings, then I go on, I don't give it too much meaning. Joyful practices for you.