Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See yourself.....Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

To discover new countries often means to step out of the comfort zone. We heard horror stories before our trip. The worst was from the banker who has been in Brasil. She told me that a man was forced with a knife to put off his jeans and his shoes, because they were precious brands. He had to walk back to the hotel from Copacapana beach, dressed only with his underwear. I saw myself already walking home with my underwear from one of the beaches. When they (they?) see my underwear they want those, too, I thought. Horror stories! Crimes happen everywhere in the world. It is important not to be naiv, for sure. One has to see oneself!

My first impressions are simply great. Volleyball nets are on the beach. Young people play outside. It has not the exotic like India. It is all so familiar: traffic jam at rush hour like everywhere in the world. People speak very well English, which is very good as we do not speak Portugese. Yes, I regret this already. But so it is.
Restaurants are open, one can sit outside, laundry dries in the fresh air. People relax on benches.

Later at night we had dinner outside at the restaurant hotel with view to the sea. I had a vegetarian pizza with an orange-mango-banana drink. Yes the arrival here in this beautiful country was fantastic. Time to step on my mat.

Then we'll explore the world around us.

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