Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturdays off??????

Interesting, interesting. I appreciate nowadays that I take a day off from yoga each week. It is the Saturday. My practices are very intensive during the week.
This was not always the case and then I felt the urge to practice on Saturdays as I had a lot of time during the weekend (no job).
During this day off, I have the feeling as if
1. my body adopts what it was learning during the week. It recovers from the effort.
2. Also motivation remains on a high level.
3. I have a bit more time for all the other things that have to be done, too. This reduces the stress level, too.
I have not the feeling that my body becomes too stiff due to one day off, even though the day off can be felt during the next practice. I usually start with primary again, it is "modester" than second series.

Not to practice on Saturdays is somehow a holy ritual in the community. When I informed yoginis that I practiced on Saturday during my stay in Gokulam and that I couldn't make an appointment during the morning hours, some didn't get it. But Saraswati had offered her led classes on Saturdays. Why not. The believe had developped in the community that Saturday is a day off and this is holy and every yogi/yogini has to respect this. What shall not be, also cannot be.

Yesterday I read the story behind this rule. Hahahaha. Yes, the book "Guruji" (see below) is great. I read the chapter with Nancy Gilgoff who was one of the first, or even the first woman who went to Mysore 30 years ago to learn Ashtanga yoga from P. Jois. That years P. Jois taught every day!!!! almost the entire day with a break of 2 hours in the afternoon. His family wanted to see him, too and so he stopped teaching on Saturdays. Yes. This is the reason why yogis/yoginis do not practice on Saturdays and not because it is tradition, written down on leaves, necessary for the body, and and and.........

Now I also know why the CD by Sharath is so fast........

This book gives me more information that I thought I could get. I learn how Ashtanga yoga was taught 30 years ago, how it was in India that time and much much more.

Picture: It shows how I approach gomukhasana. It is not how it is supposed to be. Finally one has to sit and balance the body on the calves and I sit between my legs so far. But this is my starting point.


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bindithug said...

yes, i read that too. i NEVER practice OR teach on saturdays (unless i am subbing like in the next couple weeks). i also thought it was taboo to practice twice in a day until "guruji". he used to make everyone do it in the morning & at night. now sharath just says "why?" "do something for someone else instead of yourself all the time."
i couldn't agree more. people are TOO obsessed with yoga. it is NOT healthy.

Ursula said...

What I find interesting is that there was no strict rule.

To listen to the body seems important to me. It can be that after long hours in an office the body needs to be moved and the mind focused on something else but work. Why not adding another adequate practice despite the morning practice?

My Indian pranayama teacher and yogi recommended to practice 3 times a day. I do not have the time! Yoga is very much in my life, but not everything. So there are limits to everything.

For the time being I enjoy not to practice on Saturday. Instead I have a long breakfast with E, that's absolutely perfect for me now. I am flexible.....

Beth Zimmerman said...

Who knew there was so much to write, and learn, about Yoga? I'm glad you enjoy your days off!

Ursula said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Yes, I have to write a lot about yoga. I could post at least 3 times a day.

Yes, I do enjoy my Saturdays off, only to start with a bit more motivation again on Sunday.

Happy blogging.
I love your blog.