Sunday, August 22, 2010


This was much for a yogini who focuses almost the entire day on her even deep breath.
The movie started with an almost naked woman (Angelina Jolie), soaked in blood, tortured by Asian people (the enemies). Do the Americans still have so clear enemy pictures, I wondered. If this is the beginning, was my next thought, what else will still come.......

With swollen red eyes she was soon ushered out of this prison. Sigh. We saw a very self-controlled woman, walking down a street, surrounded by men in uniforms. Her husband awaited her at the end of the street.

It was not a movie that surprised me. The hero was not a white man this time, but a white woman. Yes, I liked it. I could identify, me too I like to save the world.
Beside this usually it bores me when I know in the beginning of the film how it will end. The hero will win, I knew it from the first second on and so it was. He, I mean she was set free. And this was pure justice. No, no illusions, this is not how it is in reality. Only the movie industry wants to make believe that finally justice wins. And perhaps the spectators want to see this. So in the end I was calmed down despite the numerous killed people. Good is good and bad is bad. The goods will win and the bad ones will be punished. Yes!

All this running away and shooting and fights made my heart beat faster, but I found it not realistic. No way.

The attempt to make  a machine out of human beings fails. Not even secret services accomplishes this with their brutal  training. This was the part I liked. How Angelina Jolie played when she saw that her husband whom she loved was killed in front of her eyes. He was shot. No, she didn't jump on him, kissed him a very last time, hugged him, no nothing of this kind. It could be scarcely felt but it was there. And it could be felt by everybody: Now she is sad, this is forever, she was absolutely controlled, but she expressed feelings. In her face it could be seen. No movement, nothing, but it was present this mourning. That was great, how Angelina Jolie played this.

First the Russian president should be killed, then the American, the end of the world was close, nuclear war. But don't ask me why all this. I didn't get it.

The name "Salt",  was a perfect name for the movie, for this woman.
Angelina Jolie is a strong woman. OMG.

At the end I turned my head to E and I asked him: "Did you like it?"
He: "Yes."
Me: "Why did you like it?"
He: "Action!"

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