Thursday, August 19, 2010

Primary today

...and I am glad. Three times a week I exercise the asanas of the second series and they are so demanding. I go from construction to construction. That's how I feel. Primary is much more familiar to my body.

I just counted the number of asanas of the first series:
1. Primary series has 20 asanas in the middle part.
2. Second series has 27 asanas in the middle part.

The mental aspects of the practices come into my mind. To focus on the breath and the correct vinyasa is the one focus as usual. But it is also a mental exercise to practice from the beginning to the end without being distracted, without making these little breaks off the mat.

I will start my practice again with the CD by Sharath. Then I want to do full vinyasas. This is good for the muscles. And I need muscles and strength for second series. The closing sequence I will do with the CD again. Then I hold the asanas longer. Usually I hurry a bit through the last asanas (not good, hahahahaha).

Back bending gets worse without adjustments. Visualization shall help me, the last anchor, just to imagine it.

Time to begin: 99% practice, 1% theory.

Picture: Marichyasana A

(Only 12 days and then we'll fly to Brasil. E thinks it is not necessary that I buy a James Bond bikini for myself for our trip. Hahahaha.)

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