Saturday, August 28, 2010

Primary on Friday

I practiced with the CD by Sharath on Friday. It is my led class so to say.

The CD gives me the focus of the day:
1. It's the correct vinyasa count. There is no time for extra breaths, also not between the asanas.

In addition:
2. The CD is so fast, that I build strength. Strength is necessary to be able to follow.
3. There is also no time for thinking like, OMG now urdhva dhanurasana. I simply do it.
4. Due to the speed my body develops heat. This makes my body soft and bendy.

Deep breathing and the correct vinyasa count are the most important points.

In the book about Guruji I read two quotes by guruji:
- "Free breathing."
- "Don't delay."

Exactly this happens when I practice with the CD.

A book recommendation:

Click and buy it, read it and become self-disciplined. Thank you.

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