Friday, August 13, 2010

Led class with the CD by Sharath

At about 4 pm I stepped on my mat and practiced. (I had been very busy this morning with chores). I had switched on the CD by Sharath. Oh, oh, oh, it's so good to be led through primary, and it is challenging.

My recommendations for beginners especially, but it is also good for every yogi/yogini:
1. Buy this CD as soon as possible and practice at least once a week at home with this CD. First do only the surya namaskaras A. Add soon the surya namaskara Bs and then slowly one asana after the next. That way it is possible to build strength without feeling overwhelmed.
2. The CD also helps to establish a home practice.
3. It is a perfect led class when it is not possible to go to a class.

I sweated. I gave me a little break at navasana. I did it only once. But I did urdhva dhanurasana as long as counted. The same is true for sirsasana. Wow, I feel super good now.

(The CD is available here. I get no commission there, nevertheless it is the best, and I have everthing. Hahahaha)

Sharath Rangaswamy:


Alice said...

Hi Ursula

I looked at the CD when you mentioned it yesterday but I couldn't tell if it includes Suryanamskara A and B and the standing series.

I'm so excited. After one lesson I left the yoga class I started (it was kind of lacking direction, slow and dis-jointed), as I saw an Ashtanga teacher in the next town to my village, and I now go to her mysore sessions. I LOVE it. And it's thanks to you, as I hadn't even heard of mysore before I found your blog. Or Ashtanga, come to think of it...

I'd like to try the Sharath CD. Thanks for giving us your experience.

Have a great weekend!

Ursula said...

Hi Alice,

It is not everywhere in that world easy to find a good Ashtanga yoga teacher.

The CD is the complete first series: Surya namaskara A (5 times), surya namaskara B (3 times) the standing sequence, the middle part and the closing sequence. Savasana you must do on your own and you will. :)
Happy practices.

bindifry said...

sounds like fun. i miss led classes. i had a soaring primary yesterday due to the humidity here. superhuman for some reason. it's cool you are inspiring other people to do mysore. & it's true

"It is not everywhere in that world easy to find a good Ashtanga yoga teacher."

Bettina said...

Last week I also had the idea of giving myself a lead class by practicing with Sharat's CD, but I didn't like it at all. It seems that his rythm doesn't correspond at all with my personal rythm. During the vinyasas I often had to wait, but in the asanas I never ever manage to make 5 breaths, if I breathe very fast I manage perhaps 3 breaths. During the asanas I find his count absurdly fast. However it is good to practice according to a different rythm from time to time. Since I always practice alone I'm very easily annoyed if I'm forced to give up my own personal rythm and this is also something one has to deal with.
But I will try Kino's CD next, perhaps it fits better.

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,

The CD IS very fast. I struggle to get into certain asanas on time, like marichyasana C and D.

You mentioned it unconsciously, led classes have a deeper meaning. Give up for only a few hours what your mind, your ego wants to do. Let go is the exercise. Only once a week.
Happy practices to you.

PS: I love the simplicity of this CD.
PSS: Thank you for sharing another view.

Ursula said...

Hi bindifry,
Weather also influences our practices. We know it's going up and down, always.


Alice said...

Thank you for that information, Ursula.

I think it may be too fast for me as I tend to breathe very slowly during practice (but then again I have nothing to compare that with!)

I might still try it if I can get hold of it here.

Thanks again

PS: I do really like my Richard Freeman DVDs, which you recommended.

Krishna said...

Hi Ursula

I want to know whether there are tracks on this CD which helps us switch to the particular track we want to practice using the CD or is this all on one single track .

Ursula said...

Hi Krishna, there are tracks. Often I practice till the end of the standing seqence. Later I go direct to no5 to have the closing sequence. There are 6 parts.


bindifry said...

in mysore, guruji's led classes were so fast they lasted 65 minutes. if you read "guruji" you can understand about the pacing of the classes, the reason behind it.

Ursula said...

Thank you Lisa for the info. I try to find out why, before I switch on the CD for today....:)