Saturday, August 21, 2010

Led class on Friday

I practiced 2 times in a row with the CD by Sharath. Friday is the classic led class day, but I had switched on the CD also on Thursday. I know and I realize it already, it becomes easier the more often I practice with it. (Led class in this post means I practice at home alone with a CD)

Why I love this CD:
1. I do the correct vinyasas with it.
2. It is so fast that it gives no room for much thinking. Usually when I practice alone and urdhva dhanurasana comes next, I lie on the floor and think: "OMG, now this asana, it will be difficult after all the forward bending asanas." With the CD there is no room for this. I push myself up. And done. Three times, for 5 breaths each time.
3. Some asanas I hold longer with the CD, this gives strength. This is utthita hasta padangusthasana, utthita parsvasahita, utthita eka padasana, but also sirsasana i.e.
4. I go and have to go faster into an asana. For marichyasana C I have found a trick to be faster. I hook the fingers first. Then I am in this asana with the first breath. With the second breath I can grap the wrist.
5. Nothing redundant is spoken. That's sooooooo good because this is calming, no additional distraction.
6. Sharaths voice is conseqent and soft at the same time, it's a pleasure to listen to it.
7. The speed is good, it's a variation to my more slower practice and it gives strength.
8. As this CD is so challenging I sweat a lot and this makes my body really bendy. The body doesn't cool down in these little breaks that I do, when I practice alone.

Ah, this CD will help me to develop the necessary strength that I need for the second series.
It can also help you to develop a home practice.

Yesterday I read again in the book about Gurujk. I learned that David Williams i.e. practiced 2 times a day with no breaks during the week.
I have my day off today. And on Sunday  will start with primary. I need that additional time for chores and tasks at my desk.

Guruji - the book: Each time when I'm reading a new chapter, I am very touched, also what I read between the lines. There is so much thankfulness expressed. Thankfulness because the yogis/yoginis could learn this Ashtanga yoga system and that they met Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. It is life changing. Tim Miller  brought it to the point. Even when the practice is only done for fitness reasons it will change the life for the better. But the pratice has the potential for much more.

Yep, it is already a classic this book: Buy it (best via my blog, thank you) and read it. You will love it:


shaheel said...

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Tracy said...

I loved every page of this gem as well Ursula. I feel as though it was a quite a very special gift...
and I want to re-read it soon.
Love this photo of you btw~~~xx

Ursula said...

It's already a classic, a must-have for all Ashtangis.
..and thank you of course...

xx U