Sunday, August 01, 2010

Latest Ashtanga news - Jois becomes a brand

***Jois will become a brand******

"Do your practice and all is coming", P. Jois.

I am up. It is after sunrise but it is still moring. My mat is waiting for me. Primary today.
We yogis/yoginis need a mat and the wish to practice. That's all. Inhaling pause exhaling pause inhaling....

Pattabhi Jois:

Thank you for buying amazon products via my blog.


Defne Suman said...

very true and inspiring indeed! here i am having a small cup of coffee on a sunday morning. my mat is waiting for me to unroll it. and here ı go!
thank you!

Ursula said...

The asanas are challenging, but the system is rather simple. Nothing is needed except a mat.

Everybody can do it alone.
That's it
Happy practices to you.

Arturo said...

dear Ursula
that website could use some attention in designing, eh? it was slow in coming up from over here. and it seems it has too much commercial influence, such as labeling the place "yoga studio and store." the "and store" is over the top.

Ursula said...

Dear Arturo, I was a bit astonished to see Mr Sharath and Ms Saraswati framed by some business women (above and below). I thought they wanted to make everything on their own.

I am curious how this all goes on. It won't touch my daily practice so much...