Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last primary in my little yoga room for some time

Oh, it was an intensive primary this morning. I did full vinyasas. No breaks. No music was on either, only my deep breathing could be heard in my little warm yoga room.

Time flies. Next practice will happen in Portugal. I just got my suitcase from the storage room. It is still empty. So much is still to do. Between 8pm and 9pm I want to be in bed, as we have to get up at 3am. This is early for me, but doable. Of course. Oh, I am excited. It's very likely that this trip to Brasil remains unique.

Beside my yoga toys, I will take my PC with me. The back-up is just finished. Of course I want to return with my PC, but better to be prepared.

Time to start packing......

Who knows when I will write again, probably tomorrow, but who knows. In the meantime you are welcomed to join me on facebook (link is on the right side of the blog), or you can  reread your favourite post and share it on twitter. You can also buy one of the books I recommended.......hahahahaha.

c u soon U

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