Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Karandavasana, an approach

Karandavasana is a balancing pose:
Without the adjustments of a teacher it is difficult to practice the correct form of this asana.
As I am not able to fold my legs into padmasana when I do pincha mayurasana I had to find an approach. My yoga teacher M taught me an alternative.
Till now I even do pincha mayurasana close to a wall. So this is the first step in order to be able to do karandavasana: Pincha mayurasna must be stable in the middle of the room.

The video above shows one exercise that I do to approach karandavasana.

Next steps:
1. I will try to come up with straight legs.
2. I want to remain for five breaths when my legs are on my arms. This makes it more difficult to come up again.

Another exercises, that I do:
1. I go into sirsasana and then try to lift up my head and my body  into pincha mayurasana.

Second series is on the schedule today. I'm looking forward to it. Only through practice we learn to master an asana.

Matthew Sweeney:


Alice said...

Very light and graceful. Thanks for showing us.

Ursula said...

Thank you Alice, this is also the light version....:)

Second series is a construction, but so was primary years ago.....

Simply doing the exercises is the secret.