Thursday, August 12, 2010

How can a human being (me) be so tired!!!!

Have I done anything today, I just wondered? But I have. I cleaned under the sink, I did the laundry, went grocery shopping, updated this blog. I had also fun during lunch time as I met my friend C at an Indian restaurant. But this does not count as "work". This was it. Energy level is low today. I slept in the afternoon, so deeply. I was in half-sleep when I realized that my head was too long on my arm and it started hurting. I was too lazy to alter the position till the body finally moved from alone on the back. So lazy I was.
I also do not want to improve my blog today, I don't want to think about a yoga related topic and I don't want to make an exciting story out of it. I only want to write what the fingers produce when they do their finger ballet on the keyboard.

Yes, I will dress something nice when I'll go to the theatres with E that night. We want to see "The concert". Nice means I'll put on my sexy blue jeans a tiny pitsy black top and a black jacket, jewellery of course, pearls, arm watch, emerald ring from my grandma.

It was a lazy day, not a prolific one, and it is almost Friday and nothing is done. Time runs through my fingers as if it is a wild river that carries me away. No time to stop from time to time. There is not the slightest possibility to hold on the time, not even for a short while. Damned and life is limited. So much is still to do, so much is still to enjoy. Why am I not in a hurry. How can I be so lazy, so tired facing these facts. No matter if I am active or inactive, time runs.

Time to dress..........

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