Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ha ha, I don't believe it.

We shooed yogini B out of bed when we (yogini E and myself) arrived. How funny. She mumbled something about "long night" and "wine tasting". There is a life off the mat. Hahahaha.

We put the table aside and a chair and then we had plenty of space for our three mats. We chanted together and started practicing.
It was the day of second series for myself. In the middle of my committed practice suddenly I felt a sharp pain at my index finger. It was as if a mosquito had bitten me. This couldn't be possible. I had to look, it confused me, my focus wandered from the breath and my bandhas to this index finger. I saw a blue spot. No wound could be seen, but this blue that looked like a bruise. Attentive as my yoginis are they cared for me at once. What happened, they asked me. To hold the finger under cold water was the tip. I did it, it cooled my finger and I could go on with my practice. I know the body heals itself. Movement is good, I thought. The rest of the practice was intensive again.
It is amazing what influence a group of yoginis has: my practice was awesome, sweaty, simply fantastic.

Tomorrow primary again at home.

Gregor Maehle:

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Donald said...

Looks like you burst a blood vessel when you moved the table.

I enjoy your blog. It inspires me toward my own daily practice. Thank you!

Ursula said...

Hi Donald,
My finger looks worse than it is.

When my blog can inspire you to practice, I am happy.