Sunday, August 08, 2010

Further Ashtanga yogis, yoginis you must know.......

The other day I wrote two lists of Ashtanga yogis and yoginis you must know, because you will stumble upon their names in the community.
Of course there are much much more passionate Ashtanga yoga practitioners than I could mention.
To see a list of the authorized teachers please go to
Beside these authorized teachers are a lot of others very advanced students and teacher, of course.

My readers missed:

Ashtanga yogi:
Govinda Kai
Danny Paradise (my addition)

Ashtanga yoginis:
-Karen Haberman (US: no longer teaching)

-Annie Grover Pace (US)
-Gwendolyn Hunt (NZ; expired)
-Tina pizzimenti
-Louise Ellis

The couples:
Joanne Darby and Mark Darby
Lucy and John Scott


Krishna said...

You can also add Hamish Hednry ( London ) in to this list of dedicated Ashtangis .

Ursula said...

Thank you to you too Krishna. I have not yet heard his name so far, but do not know everybody.

Happy practices.

bindifry said...

also david & simi roche

Unknown said...

Laruga Glaser