Thursday, August 12, 2010

The father of today's yoga: Krishnamacharya

I returned from the kitchen with my second cup of coffee, when this little window opened at the facebook page. It was Ram, an Indian man, student of yoga and blogger.

Ram: Hi
Me: Hi

We conversed about yoga and about Krishnamacharya. Perhaps it interests you as well, I copied and pasted parts of the dialogue:

Ram: had his guru (Krishnamacharya's guru) not accepted the guru dakshina we wouldn't have learned yoga

Me: interesting
Ram:do u understand guru dakshina?
Me: no
Ram: well... there was a traditon in India that no fee used to be charge for teaching a student, after completing the course student used to offer anything the guru has asked to it's an offering by a student to a teacher for the knowledge he shared
Me: ok
Ram: guru ram mohan bramhachari, the guru of krishnamacharya, do you what he asked as guru dakshina?
Me: no, curious now
Ram: he asked krishnamacharya to go home and settle with marriage and teach yoga to common people
Me: oh
Ram: obeying his orders he came back home and started teaching to the commons earlier yoga was taught only to sadhus and sages
Me: very succesful he was this is a great story would you not like to share this as a guest blogger on my blog
Ram: that is the reason why i titled my blog as the father of modern yoga
Ram: I rate krishnamacharya as the root of a trunk where as his students bks iyengar, pattabhi jois, indira devi, desikachar etc who are responsible for popularity of yoga in the west as branches of the deep rooted trunk

Please see also comments.

(Remarks: I am not sure now who had the idea of teaching yoga to ordinary people like me and you: Krishnamacharya or the guru of Krishnamacharya. Perhaps they have had a discussion over a glass of chai? However, the results are amazing. Who does not yoga nowadays??? What a gift for us all!!!!!!!!!)

Picture: Krishnamacharya practicing yoga, scanned from the following book:


Ram said...

Please try to correct my introduction. I preferred to be called as a student of yoga instead of yogi since I am just a beginner in yoga.

With regards to your remarks, I would like to say that it was Guru Ram Mohan Brahma Chary who asked his student Tirumalai Krishnamacharya to teach the common people like us as Guru Dakshina. Had he asked something else who knows Tirumalai Krishnamacharya too might have remained in caves as a saint like his guru in Himalayas.

bindifry said...

where is ram's blog? love this.

Ursula said...

@ Ram: I corrected your introduction and I pointed to the comment section for your additional information.

@bindifry: click on the name "Ram". It leads to his blog.


Jayney3210 said...

Interesting thought for the day! Thanks x

Ursula said...

Me too, I think this is very interesting. We know so less about history.
If we are all relaxed in the here and now it shall be OK....

Happy practices

Quentin said...

I find it interesting that Krishnamacharya is considered the father of yoga in the west, when Sivananda has more certified teachers in the west and the guru lineage actually came to the west. In Krishnamacharya's case a few from the west came to India.

Ursula said...

Iyengar yoga is wide-spreaded, too.
Ashtanga yoga is growing.

It depends what lineage you love.

You are on your way to become a renegade from the Ashtanga style, lol.

Abhishek said...

Greatly inspiring article. This shows the application of Ashthanga in our everyday lives.