Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't delay

I woke up early. This was no problem this morning, in Germany it's 5 hours later. I got a coffee from downstairs and soon I stepped on my mat.

It's good to have a time limit. The time limit shall allow having enough time for a relaxed practice, but to have a limit is good. 90 min is a good time for me. It's long enough but not too long. This morning I simply had to go on with my practice without taking breaks if I wanted to have finished second series within this time frame. Concentration is now what is improving. Not that I was very bendy this morning. After a day in the plane, where almost no movement is possible, the body is stiff. This is all not important. I practiced. I did the second series without any props. For pashasana I took the blanket under my heels and for pincha mayurasana I used the wall as a support. But this was it.

The weather is perfect here. It's a summer day, but it is not too hot.

Rio de Janeiro:


Defne Suman said...

Hey Ursula, I love the fact that you are having coffee before practice. I do it too! And I agree about the time limit making the practice more focused. Some times I set my alarm to complete standing sequence in 24 mins and seated poses in another 24 and pranamaya-meditation for 24 mins!

denise said...

I'm happy that you can do your practice in Rio! that's wonderful! I wish you a nice time in Brasil. If you go to the Colombo Cafe' (beautiful old cafe), don't miss the quindim, a very popular brasilian coconut cake, very good!

Ursula said...

I always want to add pranayama and 10 min meditation. This won't happen during this trip. Perhaps when I'll be back again. I am glad to maintain an intensive and daily yoga during travelling times.

Greetings from Rio.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the tip, Denise. We have still another day here. It could be a good idea for tomorrow.

It's a wondeful city, Rio.

Kate said...

I never thought of putting the blanket under my heels, I'll have to keep that in mind!

Ursula said...

High heels are surely also an opportunity. Shoes as props, why not, it's a good idea for a picture.

Nice shoes btw....:)