Sunday, August 29, 2010


For Denise: Vrksasana is not part of the Asthanga series as far as I've seen it. Vrksasana or tree pose was one of my first asana that I was introduced decades ago, it's a classic. Like in all balancing asanas, the standing leg is engaged.The foot is firm on the floor. The hips are erected. Tension is in the body that lasts from the little toe to the finger (but the body is not cramped). Bandhas help to balance as usual and an even breathing.
I think tree pose is a nice pose for children. (Caution: the foot of the bent leg does not press against the knee. It's either above the knee or below.)

A first variation that I learned was to move to the right with an exhaling, coming back to the middle with an inhaling, moving to the left with an exhaling and back. This can be done slowly or faster. The upper body remains parallel, this is the challenge. Then the pose becomes a side stretch.

Primary for me today: I want to do full vinyasa. I love the idea to start each asana from samasthithi, a neutral pose.

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