Monday, August 23, 2010


This week I want to write about balancing.
Bakasana was my first pose that I experienced as a balancing pose. The challenges grow with the practice:
1. First it is nice to be in that pose with almost stretched arms.
2. The next step is to jump back into chaturanga dandasana.
3. In the second series bakasana B is learned. That means that one jumps into that pose from downward facing dog. I am working on this.
4. And finally it is possible (I have seen this) to go from bakasana to handstand.

For points are crucial. When I consider those  four points, my balancing asana becomes stable.
1. It's the breath, the deep even breath.
2. Engaging the bandhas and muscles is important. In the above pose I lift the lower legs to the thighs in addition.
3. The body parts that touch the floor really press against the floor. The fingers can develop enormous strength. Also the feet give stability to the pose when I press them against the floor below me. It is a bit as if I want to move the earth below me.
 4. Visualization helps. Especially when I do standing balancing asanas I imagine my body as a statue, this helps a lot to be stable.

Trick for the above pose: Turn your hands a bit inside...:)

I played around a bit today. It was good. Even some videos are ready for publishing. It's all coming in this week. So stay tuned.

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Bettina said...

Hi Ursula,

can you jump back from Bakasana to Chaturanga? If yes, you could do me a really great favor if you post a video. I've been practising this since I don't know when and it simply does not happen. In videos it always looks so easy but everytime I try my legs just won't lift. Any video showing this I watch one hundred times hoping to discover the secret. Since it hasn't happened yet, it would be great to have another one!

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,
Thank you for your question.
I will post a video when I jump back and I explain how I do it, this week promised.

You will be able to do it in this week!