Monday, August 23, 2010

Bakasana and jump back

A yogini friend asked me:
Hi Ursula,

can you jump back from Bakasana to Chaturanga? If yes, you could do me a really great favor if you post a video. I've been practising this since I don't know when and it simply does not happen. In videos it always looks so easy but everytime I try my legs just won't lift. Any video showing this I watch one hundred times hoping to discover the secret. Since it hasn't happened yet, it would be great to have another one!

My video and some explanations, I hope it helps.
I tried to exaggerate a bit.
1. First I go in the pose with an inhaling. I try to come up with both feet at the same time.
2. Then I stay in the pose for some breath.
3. I prepare the jumping: I exhale and bow my arms a bit more. With the next inhaling (very strong and fast) I stretch my arms again and give my legs the kick to fly back. The legs of course support it and I stretch them as fast as possible. I inhale fast and intensively and throw my legs upwards like a rocket. In fact they fly back, but I imagine and I try to bring them up. Important is that the arms help, the breathing helps and the legs themselves really fly upwards/backwards with all your power.
4. Exhaling you go down to chaturanga dandasana.
5. Upward facing dog......and so on, and so on.

I am not very good at it, but yeah perhaps it's a starting point for you, too. Please let me know if it helped.
Good luck.


Quentin said...

float back rather than jump, engaging the bandhas lifting up sitbones and float the legs back may help.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the further explanation. It is well put. Of course the bandhas play an important role.

We shall see if B will be able to do it after our explanations. I am curious. :)

Quentin said...

is an interesting and informative Ashtanga Yoga website. I must check English version. I am from Mississippi Gulf Coast of USA and enjoy your blog.


Ursula said...

It's a German guy who is one of the few here in Germany who is authorized to teach the Ashtanga vinyasa system by Jois. I like his website also very much.
It total we have about 5 authorized teacher here.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few people who definitely have the strength elements in place but experience a mental block.

The thing that helped me, as I don't have a good direct control over my bandhas, is to, rather than think "engage bandha", I think about "lift". If i visualize lift then my body naturally uses the bandhas to accomplish what I am telling it to do. I imagine putting my legs up instead of straight out, although I think that if I could see myself they are flying straight back but in my head I am telling them to go Up and Out.

The other thing is to focus on keeping the arms strong, as they tend to collapse when focusing on getting the legs out. Its kind of like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same can be difficult to coordinate the two contrary movements just like coordinating m stillness and strength in the arms and chest while the legs fly back.
Once I did it once I was mostly able to do it every time after. You will get it B and once you do its like a lightbulb moment.

I love your blog Ursula, your videos are so helpful!

Ursula said...

Thank you Ashangalover,
Your comment is very helpful.

What I also experience is that imagination helps a lot, especially when doing balancing asanas.

To think up when engaging the bandhas is good.

It was the same for me: Once I did it and then I knew it forever how to do it.

Bettina said...

Yeah! It works! Thanks a lot to everybody for your advice. Ursula, I watched your video in the morning at work, then I was at the cinema and didn't have time until now to try it. I watched the video again and again, read all comments, tried it and even the first try with a belly full of popcorn was better than every attempt before. I tried again and again and the last one I landed in Chaturanga! The secret for me are the arms, bending the arms a little and leaning forward with the exhale I can use the arms just like a catapult with the inhale. Wow, this is really great, thank you for your support. Perhaps I manage to post an evidence vid on my blog.

Ursula said...

Bettina I am happy.
I am happy for you.

My blog brings me so much fulfillment. Ahhhh.

Enjoy going from bakasana to chaturanga dandasana. Good night.