Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back to my practice reports

My second toe got color: Lila, blue, red. I think it's called bruise. No, it didn't happen during one of my yoga practices. I stumbled over my red handbag the other day, when I was cleaning here. I adjusted my practice a bit, had to: my joints are very OK, but my right leg is still overstretched (damned), and my second toe has this bruise. Ah despite this little annoyances I had a sweaty practice. All asanas were done. Urdhva dhanurasana was a focus at the end. I did some additional exercises, like stretching the legs to the sky (ceiling), one after the other of course.

So, I have not much time, we'll drive to the Alps with E's relatives and I've not yet eaten breakfast.

Yoga anatomy:


algarahuss said...

Yes, that would be a bruise. I recently had an incident with my smallest toe that left it very sore (I stubbed it VERY hard on a new chair, in the night.) and it greatly changed my practice. For 2 weeks my jump backs hurt and I couldn't do janu sirsasana C either. I realized with my jump backs that I need to work on my form though. Because, why is my baby toe hitting each time?

I hope you are better soon.


Ursula said...

And I can ask myself: Why was my handbag standing in the middle of the room.
OK, that day I cleaned and put things in the right place. It was necessary, already a bit too late.