Monday, August 16, 2010

From garbha pindasana to kukkutasana

Garbha pindasana is one of the four core poses (beside marichyasana D, kurmasana and baddha konasana), perhaps because so many yogis and yoginis struggle with this pose. I remember that I did a variation in the beginning I wrapped my arms around my legs. That I had to role I didn't know. Instead of kukkutasana, I lifted my body up into utpluthih.

This asana needs a bit of preparation. when I know that I practice primary:
- Either I put lotion  on my skin after the shower before my practice,
- or I put yoga trousers on that last till my ankles, so that my arms can slide easily.

Of course, this pose is not possible if you are not able to sit in lotus pose.

As this asana was so difficult for me even though lotus pose was easy, I studied it closer and I found out that when I put the first leg in the lotus position, I have still a lot of room for my arm to stretch it through. Please check it. Only when I put the second (glad that we have only 2 legs) leg in position this space is covered and closed. This is why I lift up the second leg when I put my first arm through the legs. If you circle the arm it becomes easier to stretch it through the little space. It is easier if you do not put it through straight but in the left direction.
I am conscious that it is more elegant not to help the left arm with the right hand to get through and to get to the face, but I don't care. I am glad when both arms hands reach the face.
The middle fingers are supposed to close the ears.

I don't want to use water to allow my arms to slide through the legs. It would be another prop. To use water  interrupts the flow.

When doing the CD by Sharath I know that I must be a bit faster than I am. But I catch up when I roll.

The CD tells me that I have to roll 5 times. I role much more often I think 7 times or so. This has changed also. In earlier times one rolled a few more times. I have a certain ambition to role only 5 times. More important is that you come up to a sitting position, that you balance the body between inhaling and exhaling. There is this little pause between the 2 breaths and there is exactly where I balance. I can do this. In the video I was a bit confused because I was too close to the window.

To come up into kukkutasana usually is supposed to be done with an inhaling. This helps when you breathe correctly. And use the bandhas. I also think of moving the body upwards and not forwards. The bandhas help to balance. As usual!

The next step can be to to jump backward when the pose is done and to open the legs while flying back. I don't work on this. I have other constructions.

It's not my favourite asana, but I don't omit it anymore. Have fun. This IS a fun asana with all the rolling.

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Claudia said...

very nice!

Ursula said...

Thank you!!

Ann said...

Ah, you make it look so effortless! Such good flow.

Ursula said...

Thank you, to make it look effortless is the highest goal....:)

It cannot be seen, but when the breath is leading, even movements (flow) is created.