Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ashtanga yoga with yoginis

Yogini B has invited us yoginis to practice with her at her house. That's something. Not everybody has time. Yogini E will come and me. With yogini E, yogini B and myself I can be sure that I will have a most intensive practice this morning. It's also good that I have to leave my cosy home and that we meet already in the morning. Then my practice will be finished before 12 o'clock which I appreciate. I have so many plans, but when I am at home I tend to dawdle. This meeting disciplines me, it's a bit as if I have work in a most positive interpretation.

Picture: It's the restaurant round the corner. E and myself had a drink there after our evening walk yesterday.

I will take my block with me. I need it for pincha mayurasana. Ah, Ashtanga yoga and props, is another topic. It will come soon.........


Click and buy. Thank you.
This is a book btw that I appreciate a lot. A lot of good tips are in it how to make myself move to action. That's it, to go from thinking to action: now.

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