Monday, August 16, 2010

Ashtanga yoga: changes in the long run

What can be the changes  in the long run when we practice Ashtanga yoga?
Does Ashtanga yoga make us peacefully?
1. We can injure ourselves when we are aggressive towards ourselves. To be overzealous (and Ashtanga yogis/yoginis are often ambitious people (my experience)) often does not bring the wished effect, sometimes the opposite happens and we injure ourselves when we want too much, too fast. This can lead to a more attentive practice. The insight make arise that it makes more sense to practice daily  than to overdo here and then.
2. Another effect in the long run (after 15 years or so) can be that we experience on a daily basis that it goes always up or down. This is so in life too. To experience this can cause that a relaxed attitude towards the practice and life arises. Not to fight against nature of life, not to want it different as it is because this is not possible can the a consequence in the long run.

Hahahaha, I am not at all sure if this is true what I wrote down. Sure is I got more flexible and stronger.

Picture: tiriang eka mukha pada paschimottanasana (right and left side).

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