Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Art of yoga

I like to introduce a book "The Art of yoga" by Sharron Gannon and David Life, photography by Martin Brading.

It is a most beautiful book that I hold in hand. It has 191 pages. The coffee table book contains black and white pictures showing Sharron Gannon and David Life (Jivamukti yoga founder) practicing yoga poses.
On one page is often a picture or two on the other page is a sentence.

On page 159 I read:
If the flute is clogged, no music can be played. When it is empty, beautiful music can come through.

If you like to see beautiful yoga pictures, this book is it.
The above picture is from page 88.

For me it is motivating to look at others practicing yoga poses. It shows me what is possible.

"The Art of Yoga" by Sharron Gannon and David Life:


Tracy said...

Sharon is one of the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure of meeting..
Her spirit Radiates pure Joy and Love! Namaste~~~

Ursula said...

She is. She and David offered workshops here in Munich. Twice I went and I never regretted it. She has a very beautiful personality. This is so true.


jhonstevenson10 said...

yes it is indeed a very good book,many yogabooks are available in the market but this one stands out,yoga positions have their own great benefits,you can never know until you practice them yourself..thanks for sharing this piece of informaion

Ursula said...

Indeed, it is.....:)