Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are we Ashtangis yoga wimps nowadays?

1. I just read in the book about Guruji (see below) in the chapter of Mark and Joanne Darby that it was custom to do first and second series in a row those days. Practices could last up to 3 hours.

2. Headstand was done for 1 hour. To be fifteen minutes in headstand would be enough for me. With the help of my timer I will try this. It seems possible. Not always, but sometimes I stand so balanced that this pose is relaxing .

3. Poses were held for 8 breaths. It's 5 today.

4. To practice twice a day was not something special, 7 days a week of course. (Source? I must have read this in another chapter.)

To build strength is important to be able to perform this yoga. This is for sure.

Yep, I am an Ashtanga yoga wimp, I enjoy my day off.



bindithug said...

i did 1st & 2nd in a row for years because that's how lino taught it. until you totally finished through the headstands you were not allowed to split.
anyhow, i think yoga twice a day is stupid. that's for people who do not have anything to do. even in india there is much to do if you look around, although try getting yoga students to go to a film with you. most would rather do more yoga. not me. in mysore, most people i knew went to shisadri in the evening because they weren't getting enough attention in the shala.

i am no wimp. & neither are you.

Ursula said...

Yes, I have also other interests. I like to write for example.

This takes time. I have a bf. I want to spend some time with him, too. And and and.

More practices, faster progress, this might probably be true.
With one intensive practice, I have enough. Yes. I am rather passionate re my Ashtanga practice, shall this be enough for me.

Grimmly said...

bindi, would that have been 1st and 2nd at full vinyasa too (being Lino)?

C.K. said...

I remember doing closing with JoAnne in Guruji's office at the old shala (which is where you'd go if the upstairs closing room was full). Her headstand lasted forever, and inspired me to hold mine longer.

When I was in Mysore those five times, most of the people I knew did NOT practice twice a day, although many did supplementary practices (working on Kapotasana, or whatever their nemesis pose was) in their rooms. Most did not scoot to other teachers; although the first time I went many went to BNS Iyengar for instruction in pranayama, the sutras, etc. (NOT asana). That's when it was still legal to go other teachers; although morally it seemed a bit off to me.

Ursula said...

Thanks Care for your comments.

I think some asanas must be held longer to have an effect. I definitely will exercise to hold my headstand longer.

Happy practices.
PS: email is coming...:)

bindithug said...

grimmly-not full vinyasa. lino leads that class on his workshops-not in india. still, it took me 2.5 hours to finish. was so happy when i finally got to split. but it made me strong. it's to build endurance.