Monday, August 02, 2010

Any questions?

Sometimes I get questions like:
1. How often do you practice pranayama?
2. What other blogs do you read?
3. What is the difference between surya namaskara A and B?
4 What books can you recommend.
5. How do yogis/yoginis learn the series?
6. Do you also have questions?

These questions are wonderful impulses for me. They are like a ball that is thrown at me and that I like to catch and that I can through back.

Feel free to ask if you want to know something. Perhaps we all gain some new insights.

Picture: It is taken at Herzogstand, Bavaria.

A book about mental training:


algarahuss said...

I have a question that I hope is not to personal. I struggle each month to decide should I practice on my period. Some months I take the first day off since I don't feel well but not always. I also am not sure about inversions. Today I knew my period was coming and I practice full primary this morning. Later this afternoon it came and I wonder should I practice tomorrow? So, my question is what to do about rest during your cycle?


Ursula said...

The opinions are very different.

In India they recommend to stop and not to practice at all for a few days. This was even discussed with Sharath in the conference in Gokulam, India.

I always did sports (Aikido) during my period. It felt good. My period was often more intensive but shorter and I had less pain.

Ashtanga yoga: I always practiced also when I had my period. What I do not like is to be in asanas like headstand for a long time. Many women omit these inversions. I think this is a good compromise. I preferred to stay not so long in that asanas.

Having the period is not an illness.

To listen to yourself is best. If you have pain I wouldn't practice. Otherwise, do what is possible. To move is good.

algarahuss said...

Ursula, I like how you think. I also think having a period is not an illness. : )

I will practice tomorrow but I will not stay in inversions very long--maybe only a few breaths--I will see how this feels.

Thank you!