Thursday, August 05, 2010

50% of my readers are newcomers. Every day. Please give me feed-back. :)

Are you a newcomer on this blog? Would you like to answer a few questions in the comment section?
Thank you.

 What is your first impressions?
 What did you first think this blog is about when they arrived at it?
 Did you find it easy to read/navigate/understand?
 What did you feel when you first arrived at this blog?
 What suggestions do you have on how I could improve my blog?
 What questions do you have after surfing this blog?
 What words would you use to describe the design?
 What are the main elements you remember about this blog 10 minutes later?
 What suggestions do you have from a user perspective?

The questions are from the e-book "31days to build a better blog by Darren Rowse.

Thank you.

Picture: Herzogstand.

Darren Rowse who generously shares his knowledge on blogging.

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