Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yoga time

I will start the week with primary.
Yesterday was my yoga free day.
After such a lazy day I am again very motivated to move my body. 

Let's see how it will be today.........:)


algarahuss said...

Hello, I'm curious do you take rest on full and new moon?

Ursula said...

No, I don't. I have not realized that the moon has such an influence on me and my practice.

I don't practice on Saturdays. Even this is rather new. I take a day off since my practices become so intensive. Since half a year I can go to Mysore classes 3 times a week and this intenified my practice. 3 times I practice at home, which is often a bit less intensive, but important for me, too.

I prefer to listen to my body than to follow moon rules......:)


algarahuss said...

I can see why you say that about not realizing the moon's influence. I feel that on some moon days myself. Almost never on full moon though.
When I practiced very hard in India I was so happy for moon days. Now back in America it depends on the week but usually I am also happy for the extra rest. I only practice primary series and I do it almost exclusively in Mysore style--very rarely at home. There is something about being with a group that makes (me) work harder.
Today is new moon and I'm trying to decide if I will go to practice.
Yes. No. Yes. No.
We'll see....


Ursula said...

Yeah, New York is an Ashtanga center.
In Mysore I realized that many practiced at home when the shala was closed.

To practice in a group gives a lot support. No breaks are possible. I also appreciate my home practices. They teach me to be independant.

Smiling, yes sometimes it is difficult to decide.

Enjoy whatever you do.