Friday, July 02, 2010

Yoga at home

Ah, I'm not so creative this morning. I have no time either and then the battery of my big camera was empty. Shall this picture be enough support for the German soccer players on Saturday. I also believe more in exercising than in sending good wishes. I am sure these youngsters did what needed to be done.

I had my morning practice at home, a short one. I switched on the CD by Sharath. I always forget how fast I have to be in an asana. But one breath is not a very long time. The standing poses were done. Fine. It's better than nothing. I have no hectic and this is important, too.
Soon I have to pack my suitcase. At 12 or a bit later we'll be in the car for hours. We drive to the north of Germany. A friend of E has his birthday.........This evening is the party........

How I love the hot weather.........ahhhhh, time to move on........:)

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