Monday, July 05, 2010

Where did all the time go???

It's 6pm. To be precise it is even 6:18pm. I cannot believe it. Where did the time go. What has happened today? I try to remember: We had a wonderful breakfast at my parents home. E got up a bit later as wished, which was not a surprise. At 9am we sat in the car and drove to Munich. Close to Munich we were in a traffic jam. Holidays in the north of Germany have started and now they all drive to the south of Europe. With the constructions on the autobahn a traffic jam quickly arises. I was glad, that E got me off the the car in front of our home. It was 12 by then.
And then? The suitcase is unpacked. This is good. I answered some mails, also good. I got a book from the mail station and had lunch afterwards in an Italian restaurant. I read some chapters in the book problogger. Afterwards I bought toothpaste. Later I went to another grocery store to get some fruit and tomatoes.
Now it is late.
I sit here, sweating, tired and nothing is done.
I have not practiced 3 days in a row............this is not the end of the world but it isn't something I like either.

OK, I am at home again. I will get back to my routines. Travelling always means being flexible. Tomorrow I'll practice at home in the morning. I will get up at 6am.
And this evening I clean my desk. I must do my taxes.....:)

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